Why Do You Only Use WordPress.org To Build Websites?

Why use WordPress.org to build websites

Why Do You Only Use WordPress.org To Build Websites?

Why do you only use WordPress.org to build websites?

Quite frankly, I love WordPress as a platform. It’s smooth most of the time, and is nice and robust. It’s hard to break (though some of my clients try hard at times!) and it’s easy for me to teach you how to make updates yourself. While lots of web designers have their preferences, over 35% of the website out there are built on WordPress.

WordPress is the platform that’s loaded onto your site hosting that allows us to build your site. We can do the hosting for you, or you can purchase that separately. We use a lightweight theme, meaning it runs fast and doesn’t have lots of extras included that slow your site down – plus some essential plug-ins to get you going.

If all that sounds confusing…don’t worry. Here at Little Biz we can help you right from the start to setting up the hosting, to installing WordPress and themes/plugins, to designing the website.

For more information about our website services head to https://littlebiz.com.au/websites/

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