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We are on our own SEO journey, and I would love you to come along with me for the ride by receiving bite sized SEO Tips you can implement yourself every week!

Why are we giving you SEO Tips for free?

It is our mission at Little Biz, to educate and empower small business owners on how to use and update their websites, how to do their own SEO, how to manage their own social media accounts and how to create good and lasting business relationships with like minded, local small businesses.

I see so many ‘agencies’ that promise the world… some deliver on their promises, and others do not come any where close – but what they do do, is prey on small business owners who are super busy working IN their business and not making time to work ON their business.

If you want to learn how to do your own SEO and receive our bite sized SEO Tips, then sign up below to receive a tip (that you should do) every week.

SEO is no magic wand to get your website suddenly on the first page… it is a long term strategy – so let us help you with your long term approach!!

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