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some frequently asked questions about little biz websites

The time frame will be discussed with you and agreed upon in our proposal, which is always subject to the client or any third parties providing the information, content and approvals within the set time frames.

If you have a strict deadline, please let us know upfront and we can do our best to work within the time restrictions. 

Little Biz Websites can can get a DIY website out within 24 hours, a design concept out within 2 days and once the concept is approved, we can get a basic website build completed within a week.

Larger projects will naturally take a little more time, and E-Commerce components will  take a few extra days to complete.

Yes you will be able to update your website yourself, as this is the whole point of Little Biz – empowering and educating small and micro businesses to grow. To do that, you need to know how to keep your content updated, blog, and use social media. 

We do a video for every website we build, to show you how to manage your own website. 

We will keep our username as a login to your site, which we recommend you do not deactivate or delete, as if there is ever any issues we can jump in and help straight away!

We can certainly create a personalised management package just for you! 

Let us know what you are expecting us to do, and how often you are wanting your own website to be updated. Things to consider will be how often you will want content updates and the time-frames you expect updates to be performed in. Also if you want a blog, consider how often you want to post new blog content to your website.

Whilst we are happy to take care of it all for you, we recommend that you do take some time to learn the basics of your website and how to maintain it yourself. We provide you with videos on how to update your content and do website updates.

I sure can! When you have had your website for a while, you can tend to add on plugins to get certain functions on your site, but there may be different solutions for those functions now. 

It is also super important to make sure your themes and plugins are kept up to date. Often older plugins that are not updated can cause theme and plugin conflicts, making other parts of your website display incorrectly or even give you server errors. If this is the case, I can change themes and plugins over to newer ones, and deactivate and delete old, defunct plugins, reducing your security risk. 

I also am happy to sit down with you and have a chat about what you are wanting to achieve and change with your existing website, and then find solutions that will work for you. 

A responsive website means the website content adjusts its sizing to suit the device it is being viewed on. 

The three main responsive sizes are Desktop (PC), tablet and mobile. 

More and more people are viewing websites with their smartphones, which means your website needs to adjust to the device being used. You will want your clients to be able to view your website easily and looking great without needing to scroll left and right.

A responsive website is a must in today’s day and age, as non responsive websites are clunky on a smaller device and a huge turn-off for the potential clients.

All of our Little Biz Websites are mobile responsive, so are designed to look great on Desktop (PC), tablet and mobile devices.

Little Biz Websites specialise in website installs and design. We believe the best platform for businesses of any size is, which is where you purchase your own hosting (through an external hosting provider) and have WordPress installed on that hosting. I have found that this has been the cheapest option for my websites, as the only ongoing costs are domain name renewals and monthly hosting (or lump sum hosting) as well as any yearly license renewals for paid plugins (which we only recommended if required). is a great framework, that powers 35% of the internet. This means that WordPress is extremely reliable, with most developers experienced with WordPress which means there is no shortage of people who can update a WordPress website.  We use a drag and drop page builder called Elementor, it is easy to learn and easy for our clients to update and add their own content. We have a winning combination of a theme, page builder and plugins that work well together. We always start with the free versions and only recommend upgrading to paid versions if needed. The only exemption to this is that we highly recommend investing in Elementor Pro as it removes the requirements for additional plugins that may cause conflicts later on down the track. 

Whilst Little Biz Websites can do some occasional work for our clients on other platforms, these are not our specialty, and as such I will not create a new website for you on any platform other than

We do not create websites on Wix, Squarespace, Shopify or (which is a WordPress hosted website with a lot of limitations).

I sure can!

If I am doing a fresh WordPress install, I will need your log-on details for your hosting and I will do the install and assign the free SSL certificate if available with your hosting. If you have a separate SSL certificate, you will just need to provide me with the details to ensure we have it installed on your domain correctly.

Yes, I can. You will have two options;

1 – I offer hosting as part of Little Biz Websites, which is payable direct to me. 

This is via Digital Ocean, and will be on a VPS – Virtual Private Server, all built by myself on the same VPS. This is much more secure than shared hosting with other hosts. We do not provide email accounts or email hosting with our Little Biz Websites Hosting, nor do we have cPanel access. If you need or want cPanel access, we can set you up on your own hosting account below.

2 – I can set you up an account on your hosting provider of choice. 

Your details will be entered, with your personal email address and will be payable by you direct to the hosting company. All renewals will then come directly to you for payment. Let me know if you need this service when we are building a website design package so we can include it in the package fees. Alternatively, I can set this up as an external service at my hourly rate.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is made up of many factors. WordPress is a SEO friendly platform and we generally use the YoastSEO plugin which gives assistance to make sure your website is as SEO friendly as possible. 

SEO is one of our add on features for our Little Biz Websites services – but remember that SEO is ongoing – not just one website built and suddenly you are ranking high in google. You need to work at SEO and follow the guidelines set out by google to firstly make sure your website visitor is having a great user experience, you are using good ranking key words and your content is well written with key words. 

I do recommend a good copy writer to help you with your content if you require help with your website content or blog content.

The most important part of having a WordPress website is managing the updates and keeping your website up to date and secure. 

We can help you by showing you how to keep your site up to date, or we can manage the updates for you on a monthly basis, meaning you can do all the amazing things you need to do, whilst Little Biz keeps your website in peak condition 🙂 

Check our pricing here.

Website design is my happy place, but as a small and micro business owner since 2012, I have had many years experience with many basic marketing principles and have learnt some advanced marketing services during extra training and education. 

I’m happy to chat with you about doing some additional marketing services for you, however these will all be quoted individually and will be based on my availability. 

Additional marketing services Little Biz Websites can discuss include Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads and Campaigns, Google Adwords, Google My Business, Google Analytics, Keyword Research, Additional SEO services, and Social Media Set-up, Engagement, Strategy and Content Management. Please note that we may outsource some of these services to trusted providers that we use, but will still be provided under the Little Biz banner.

Little Biz is based in Perth, Western Australia, but don’t let that put you off hiring me to do your website project!! 90% of my website builds have been for people based on the East Coast of Australia!

I have also been well known to log in and do website updates and website builds whilst I am travelling overseas – as long as I have secure internet and some time, I’m in my element creating websites for my clients!

Our pricing is available here, you can see our WordPress Website packages and our other WordPress assistance services.

We would love to discuss a package that will suit you, as we know that one size does not fit all! You can send us an enquiry through our contact form here.

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