Growing Past Your Comfort Zone

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Growing Past Your Comfort Zone

Last week I was away on retreat with one of my mentors, Sarah Thomson from Online Social Butterfly. I have been in Sarah’s world now for about 18 months, and I’m so thankful I also get to call her a friend. I’m sure many of Sarah’s clients can attest that she is instrumental to help growing past your comfort zone… I sure can!

I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself for going to retreat, as it was a big commitment for us in allocating the time, the finances to pay for it and also in courage.

Right now, it is hubby’s time of year where he is super busy with his business. Getting away was always going to be a big stretch at this time of year… so I took the opportunity to be cheeky when he was asking me if I could do something for him. He was in negotiation mode and I asked to go on the retreat, and he agreed!! We were musing as the retreat came closer that he couldn’t even remember what he swapped the retreat for, but he was sure it wasn’t worth it!! I agree!! 🙂

** Side note, it was probably a concert he went to with a friend and he asked me to drop him off AND collect him afterwards!.

Here is the first nugget I received from attending the Biz Besties Retreat with Sarah Thomson.

To be totally honest, I was SUPER excited about going to the retreat, but also slightly petrified about heading to the retreat.

What many of you don’t know, is that I am actually an introvert. I love my comfort zone – it’s my safe space. I find it really hard to show up and be myself in a room full of people I don’t know. Heading to this retreat, I only knew one person – Sarah! Thankfully there was a lunch before the retreat so we could meet each other, but only 3 other ladies were able to attend the lunch. This meant that I still didn’t know half of the ladies that were attending… and that was a scary thing!

I also had another thing that made me feel super outside my comfort zone. I knew that many of the ladies going had a different faith belief than me. This is never normally an issue, but I knew there was a possibility of me not taking part in some activities or conversations. I was concerned that it would make me come across as intolerant or judgy. Whilst I have been on retreats before, (faith based ones) being in a group of ‘unknown’ ladies was really out of my comfort zone!

I find that one of the hardest parts of leaving my comfort zone is that there is the possibility that people won’t like me. Or, that I will unknowingly do something that will offend or upset someone. Whilst I can usually keep my mouth shut, I have one of those faces that says it all… eek!

But I did it. I booked. It got paid off. And I went.

And, here’s the thing… I had all this worry and concern, but I still stepped out and was courageous. There was a possibility of being put in an awkward position, but I still went. I still chose the opportunity of growth over shrinking back in fear (which is way too easy to do!)

At the Biz Besties Retreat I met the most beautiful, loving and caring group of ladies. And, they accepted me just as I am!!

During the retreat I was never put on the spot to need to decline participating in something I wasn’t comfortable in. In the conversations we were all super respectful of each other’s beliefs too. This was so refreshing for me, and has reminded me that I just need to bring ‘me’ into all the places I go. And I need to stop worrying about what could go wrong.

How lovely it is to shift my focus instead onto what can go right, the new friendships I can make and the new opportunities that may come my way! A simple shift in our mindset is all it takes to allow ourselves to grow.

I’m hoping that by sharing this story, you are inspired to start growing past your comfort zone. I’d love to hear how you have made a jump out of your comfort zone recently. Shared stories of bravery and courage are so inspiring!!

Cheers to Growing!! Mel x

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