Why a Personalised Website is Better Than Stock Standard

Why a Personalised Website is Better Than Stock Standard

What do I mean by personalised website? Have you ever noticed that when you are looking for a specific business, that many websites look the same? They are very similar in the way they look, and the feel of the website and their layout. Some of the images may even be the same across many of the same industry websites. This is what I mean by ‘stock-standard’.

I have come across so many websites that all “look” and “feel” the same. It is such a shame, as it takes away the opportunity to shine online.

See, what happens is that most businesses look to hire a web designer or developer that specialises in their industry. They will put a call-out for someone who has experience in their industry, which is good in theory. But, what happens is they get a cookie cutter website with the same look, feel and layout as their competitors. Which means they are not able to stand out in their industry, and they are not putting their best foot forward. We recently did a website redesign for an author who had this exact issue!

Here at Little Biz, we love to get creative with personalised websites bringing the brand personality of our clients and their business to life in our designs.

We use a lightweight theme with an easy to use front end editor. We then design and built the website from scratch just for our client, meaning our clients are not limited by rigid themes and standard layouts. Don’t worry, there is NO high-tech hand coded websites happening here!!

We love to be able to hand over a completed website to our client, without forcing them into a maintenance plan.

Once we complete a website build we give our client access to the the training to look after it themselves. We love our clients to be able to update their own content if they want to. We are against forcing our clients to pay us to do small edits on their website. The website is theirs – not ours. By using a user-friendly drag and drop builder with a front end editor, clients can make their own edits. This makes it very easy for our clients to manage their own website content going forward. Now, if the client wants us to maintain the website, we are always happy to do that too!

We are currently working on some different maintenance & content update packages at Little Biz. I’m always looking for ways that we can continue to serve our clients in a way that suits them. Think of a pick-n-mix counter – choose what you want us to do, and you can do the rest 🙂

Whether you are looking for a new website build, have an existing website that no longer serves you, or are starting from scratch, we have packages to suit all levels of website assistance, creation and maintenance. Are you ready to have your own personalised website built?

If this is you, contact us today!

Mel x

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