Website Showcase: Spoonful of Sugar Cakes

Website Design Portfolio by Little Biz - Spoonful of Sugar Cakes - Website with integrated off-page bookings.

Website Showcase: Spoonful of Sugar Cakes

We love to share about our clients and the projects we have done with them. Spoonful of Sugar Cakes is a talented cake maker in Gladstone, QLD. The owner of this business, Kylie, came to us to manage her existing WordPress website via our monthly website management.

Kylie had her website built and had full access to her website, but wanted to focus on her business and talents rather than spending time trying to work out how to run her website updates. She also wanted a couple of features added to her website and some of the content updated to best reflect her business changes since the website had been created.

Our monthly management consists of us logging into the website, running a back-up, updating all the plugins, themes and WP version, running a security scan and checking the website is working as it should be.

This arrangement was working awesomely, until I checked the website after running all the updates one month and discovered the website had NO TEXT!!

Never fear, this is why I run backups before we do any updates to the website. I was able to restore the backup and then run the updates one by one to find out which plugin or theme was causing a conflict. We were able to pinpoint it to the theme and main display of the website text – they removed the text box option in one of the updates, which effectively removed all the text from the website when running that update. Finding this issue, I was able to run all the other updates and just leave this one whilst we waiting to see if the removal was a mistake… it wasn’t!!

This meant Kylie and I had a decision to make – were we going to keep the current suite, create the text again and hope they didn’t make any more changes like this, or were we going to change the suite of theme and plugins on the website?

After weighing up the decision, we decided that I would replicate the existing website design in the suite that I use (Astra/Elementor Pro), as we knew this is a stable combination and unlikely to have any more of these sudden issues.

Here at Little Biz, we are happy to work with your existing suite of theme and plugins, and if issues start happening with your current suite we can troubleshoot and offer some solutions on how to go forward.

If you are looking for someone to manage your website for you, or if you need your website recreated on an updated theme / plugin suite, contact us to arrange a time to chat.

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