My Website is Live… Now What?

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My Website is Live… Now What?

Hooray, you’ve just unleashed your website on the world – your website is live on the internet. The goal has been achieved and you are feeling fantastic! I am celebrating with you, as I know this is such a big thing to celebrate!!

Whether you built your website yourself or whether you had a web guru work their magic, kudos to you for getting your website up and running, as it is a huge achievement!

You may think that this part of your marketing journey is over once you make your website live… but hold on… we’re not popping the confetti just yet.

Launching your website is just the beginning. There are still some technical bits you need to do to ensure you are getting the most from your new piece of online real estate.

We have just created a checklist of what to do now that your website is live. Fun fact: your web guru may have already done some of these for you, so you can tick them off the list straight away – got to love a quick tick!

You can grab the checklist here.

If you’re thinking “Gee, I could use a hand with this,” or “What’s next in my marketing journey?” we can help you with some of the more technical aspects of the checklist. Check out our Little Biz Consulting sessions for some personal 1:1 guidance here.

Wishing you the best with your website journey! Mel x

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