Stop Wasting Money

Stop Wasting Money: Focus on Your Ideal Client

Stop Wasting Money

You start chatting with someone about their business and how you can help them.

You pluck up the courage to tell them the price….

And then… CRICKETS!!

Any attempts to contact them are met with silence.

You know that your products are appropriately priced. But you can’t help but feel that you did something wrong in the process.

And then, some business coach says: “Not everyone is your ideal client.”

WHAT?? How can that be? I don’t want to exclude people from being able to buy from me!!

But you know what, as much as it hurts, in your marketing you need to have an ideal client. That unicorn of a client that you love to work with and you want to be attracting as much as possible.

That’s just one of the reasons we are passionate about helping small and micro businesses with their business foundations. You know, the tricky bits like your why, who your customers are and where they are. We also help you develop your brand and mindset. This then gives you the confidence to promote your business to the right people, saving you time and money.

But we don’t just leave you with the basics – we are with you along the way to help you grow your business over time. Check out our Little Biz Foundations course here and get started building the foundations to a successful business.

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