Choosing a Host

Choosing a Host

Choosing a host is the number one question that comes up when people are starting a website. How do you decide which is the best website hosting company to use?

Hosting Costs

With hosting, there is a variety of things you need to consider before committing to a hosting provider. Many of the hosting providers offer very low cost first year hosting, so always check the ongoing price after the initial period has expired. Some will also offer free domain name for the first year – but first check they can offer you the domain you want.

Future Updates

You will also want to consider how many websites you will be hosting. If you purchase a one site hosting package, can you upgrade if you want to add another website in future? Or are you happy to pay for hosting for separate websites if you do add another one at a later stage?

Operational Considerations

When choosing a host, you need to consider how complex your website is. What are the speeds and space the hosting provider offers? What is their security like? Where are they located – do you want country specific hosting? 

Little Biz Hosting Recommendations


Personally, I use VentraIP and their wholesale arm, Synergy Wholesale, for my website hosting. The thing with hosting is that who you have now may not be the best hosting company for you in the future… and who you had in the past may not be suitable for your needs now. Incorporate periodical re-evaluation of your hosting provider in your ongoing planning to ensure that you are always using the best hosting company for your current needs.


Siteground is another hosting company that I have heard raving reviews about. If I was just starting and purchasing hosting for the first time, Siteground would be a serious consideration for hosting my websites. – This is a hosted WordPress website on the WordPress platform. If you want a fully editable and customizable website you DO NOT want to host on I know it is hugely tempting as it is a free platform, but if you ever need more functionality than a blog platform (i.e., a shopping cart) you will need to upgrade to a business plan on, which can end up being very pricey per month. 

*Please note, if you sign up via any of the links I have provided above, I will receive a commission on your sign up. I have selected the affiliate links based on what I recommend. The affiliate commission does not change my recommendations, but does help me to keep my pricing low for my clients.

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