Essential Website Content: Services/Products Page

Creating Website Content for Services Products Page

Essential Website Content: Services/Products Page

Here at Little Biz, we love creating a website that makes your business shine. We do an amazing job on the visuals and design (if we do say so ourselves!), but your words are so important too. So, how do we share great words with the world on different pages of your website?

Services or Products Page

This is where you showcase what you offer.

Clearly and concisely describe your services or products, including the benefits of each. Use images and videos to help visitors visualise what you’re offering and make it easy for them to take action, such as booking an appointment or making a purchase.

When selling products, we highly recommend using WooCommerce as a plug-in that integrates beautifully with WordPress websites. WooCommerce is easy to understand and presents well on the user interface side.

You can also make it really easy for your clientele to pay you by integrating payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe or Square into it.

Finding it hard to get the right content for your website, or set up e-commerce platforms on your website? We can help – book in a chat with us so we can help you showcase your business!

Or, our e-book “Little Known Secrets of What You Need to Know Before Engaging a Web Designer” will show you what you need to make the best start with your website.

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