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Facebook Targeted Marketing Little Biz Foundations

Scrolling through Facebook we are inundated with offers and advertising from targeted marketing.

Yes, it can be annoying, but these sponsored ads are specifically targeted to their users based on their interests and activity on Facebook and further to the world wide web.

Confession time: I have been known to actually purchase a course or look further into these offers because they have piqued my interest enough to click ‘read more’. I look into it, see what they are about and before I know it, BAM, I have just purchased something I had no intention of ever purchasing!

Instead of getting upset with all the targeted marketing on Facebook, maybe it is time to sit up and take notice of what is happening in the Facebook Ads world , and start to implement these things in our own businesses.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get your product or service or offering in front of your target market on Facebook with targeted marketing, they interact with your post or offering and they read more… and they are the ones that make that purchase from you?

So, where to start?

What do these businesses/ people running these targeted ads know?

  • They know who they are,
  • They know their story,
  • They know their audience!

This is the very basics of marketing your business no matter what else is going on or happening.

Marketing Basics: Do you have your marketing basics in place or do you need help?

If you need help, you are in luck because that is exactly what Little Biz Foundations is all about – group coaching sessions or one-on-one sessions to discover your basics, which is priceless when you are marketing to your customers.

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