Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling Overwhelmed? Little Biz Hints & Tips

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your vision vs practical realities of running a small business with financial and time restrictions. And, on top of this, trying to maintain home duties and relationships?

I know that I often feel conflicted about where to spend my efforts – what is more important, who is more important, where should I be spending my time, with who or doing what tasks, and when.

Further to this, my brain is always in overdrive – leading me to feeling overwhelmed!!

So with all of this going on, I know that us small business owners need to;




When was the last time that you took some time out of your busy schedule to just be?

Often we will leave gaps in our schedule where we know that we have breathing space to have some time to ourselves, some time to think, journal, or whatever we do to have some time-out… but it is very easy to quickly fill those gaps with things that seem important and urgent at the time, but it means that we are effectively removing our ability to relax, recharge and de-stress!

Something I have learnt to do is to make an appointment in my schedule for my time out. Time where I can sit with a coffee, at home or the beach or at the park. I may sit listening to music and allowing myself to relax, or sit with my journal and write down ideas as they come. I might use this time for brainstorming, or even just to do a brain-dump of everything going on in my head to clear it all out and make space for new ideas.

Another thing that I do is to make time to spend time with people who I trust and who recharge me. These are like minded people who understand the way my brain ticks, who are happy to sit with me and listen whilst I talk animatedly about all my brilliant world changing ideas, or vent about some of my struggles. And they can give me some feedback on my crazy ideas, they can share some of their ideas and struggles with me, and I know at the end of our chat that all is good in my world.

Let us know how you relax, recharge and de-stress. We love hearing about what others do in this department, as there may be other small business owners who are not sure how to relax, recharge & de-stress – and you may be the key to helping them unlock this.

Is it time for you to schedule yourself some ‘you’ time?

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