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MailerLite – Low Cost Email Marketing

I have recently started using MailerLite for my husband’s service based business, after the rave reviews from my Business Bestie. I have to say I am pretty impressed.

A little about my email marketing journey…

I have Active Campaign set up here for Little Biz, and also for one of my product based businesses. Active Campaign is great if you need all the power… but it is pricey for a start up / small business who doesn’t need all that power.

If you are looking for a low cost Email Marketing solution, there used to be one name that most people knew – Mailchimp. I have a MailChimp account for my first product based business, and truthfully, I never use it. I found that when I last logged in, the platform had changed so much and many parts had now turned into a paid option! So I must admit that I just signed out again and that is where it stayed!!

Enter MailerLite…

I’ve been hearing about MailerLite for a couple of years now. That MailerLite has a good amount of free contacts, and the paid plans are quite reasonably priced too.

Here is a comparison between MailerLite and MailChimp if you want to see how they differ.

Or, here you can check the comparison between all the common email marketing platforms. It is great to see them all listed in one place. Then you can decide what platform works best for you on the info provided.

Mel’s Verdict?

I think this is a great platform for email marketing. I have now run a couple of email campaigns for hubby’s business. It has great analytics and reporting. It is easy to use, easy to import customers and the drag and drop editor is great.

I can help you integrate your new MailerLite account with your WordPress website. If you are needing further MailerLite assistance, Kelly over at One Awesome Woman, is helping fellow small biz owners with their MailerLite campaigns and integrations.

**Please note that I have signed up with MailerLite as an affiliate partner, so I do make a small commission if you choose to purchase with my link. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase. I simply love sharing the products and platforms I use and love, and will only recommend those I am happy to use myself.

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