Identity in Business

Little Biz: Identity in Business

Identity in Business

I’ve just been on the most amazing conference this past weekend. It was centred on Identity this year.

I’ve done quite a bit of my own identity work in the past. But, I’ve found myself ‘hiding’ recently as it felt safer.

I was worried that putting boundaries in place would tarnish my reputation. Worrying about what people ‘thought’ of me and my business and fearful that if I turned down all my leads, that I’d lose income. Even if those leads were not valuing my business ethos or professional identity.

I was guilty of playing at a much smaller game than I knew I was created to play. Trying to fit in to other people’s expectation of what I should be and do, and trying to please everyone except myself.

BUT, you know what (and who) I need to be? ME!

There is only one me with my unique skills and talents. I have allowed others to undervalue me, and allowed others to dictate what I’m worth. Both as a person and on a professional level. I have been reminded that I am the only me, and I have my own sphere of influence. Watch this space as there will be some changes coming. I will step up to the plate as I remind myself that I am awesome and amazing and worthy.

How we show up in business is directly related to our personal identity, successes or struggles, strengths and weaknesses. I’m not talking wishy washy here.. I’m talking true identity things.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to be vulnerable and honest with yourself. Find the misalignments in your personal and business lives and commit to doing the work to realign them.

How is your identity? How do you allow it to affect the way you do business and show up in your business life? Is it time to let some things go and allow your true identity to shine forth?

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