7 Tips to Help Your SEO

Little Biz Hints & Tips : Tips to help your organic SEO

If you have a blog on your website, you will need some tips to help your SEO

All the experts suggest that we should be adding new content to our websites on a regular basis to assist with your organic SEO, and to help the google bots to index your site better. Here are some hints and tips to help your organic SEO results.

1. Make categories for your blog posts and assign your posts to these categories (don’t leave them as uncategorised). BUT don’t create too many categories.

2. Tags – make sure you add some tags to your blog post that are relevant to the topic / content in your post. These are generally not enough to make a category for them, but tagging them will allow similar blog posts to be grouped together as similar content. Don’t have too many tags, limit tags to a maximum of 3 per blog post.

3. Keywords – make sure your keywords are in the text of the blog post as well as in the titles and headings – BUT each post should have different a different keyword focus. If you focus on the same keywords throughout your whole site, you may encounter an SEO issue as it may be seen as duplicate content.

4. Do not go overboard with your keywords in your text. Your text still needs to readable, make sense and be beneficial. Writing to keywords is not a good idea… it makes it hard to read and people will not read your content.

5. Regular posts. Make sure you are adding new content on a regular basis – you can determine the frequency, but make sure you are doing it.

6. Install a SEO plugin like YoastSEO. It helps you to optimise each post so you have a better chance of organic SEO. Here is a short video I did on YoastSEO. It also gives you suggestions for improving your readability, this is one area that I struggle to get good marks in… lol

7. Linking. Always make sure you are providing some links on each blog post, back to your site as internal links. This helps the little bots crawl and index your website.

If you make a habit of employing these tips to help you with your organic SEO whilst you are writing your content and posting your blog posts, then you are automatically helping your organic google search listings. Every little bit helps!!

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