3 Things You NEED For Your New Website

Little Biz Hints & Tips : 3 Things You NEED For Your New Website

I recently did a 3 way zoom chat on Facebook Live with One Awesome Woman and Performance PA. One of the things we discussed was what I need my clients to have before they engage me, so here are 3 things you need for your new website.

Most people will contact me and say they need a website. They have an idea in their mind, but forget that they need to somehow communicate that idea to me so that I understand what their vision is.

The 3 things you need for your new website would be fab if you have thought about them, or have prepared them before engaging me are;

  1. Have your branding sorted / or on the way to being sorted. Logo, colours, fonts, etc – AND know who your target market is.
  2. Have your basic content and layout sorted. What pages do you want on your website, and what pages do you have content for? If you don’t have any content, engage a copy writer to create content for you. I will need to have words to add to your website, and I also need images from you, or a direction of what type of stock images you would like. It is very hard to make a website if you have provided me with no content.
  3. A list of links of other websites and what you like about them. It could be the transitions between sections, it could be the colours, it could the layout, it could be the ‘feel’ of the website.

You can find the video chat here if you want to watch it. We had loads of fun!

Here is a post I just wrote that goes into more depth on what you need BEFORE you have a new website created – by a website designer, or if you are planning to do it yourself… Build Your Own Website : Where to Start?

Having these three things will make your project a breeze. Whilst we can work through these things with you, it will cause a huge delay to your project, and may cause extra costs to be incurred.

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