Things Change – Is it Time to Make a New Plan?

Time to make a new plan?

Things Change – Is it Time to Make a New Plan?

With the sudden emergence of COVD19 and many countries now going into lock-down, we are experiencing a change in the way we do ‘normal’… even if it just for the short term.

We are currently experiencing a lot of sudden decisions. Event cancellations, travel cancellations and crowd-less sporting events. In an effort to try and stop the spread of this virus, things are changing. Unfortunately, there is a lot of fear out there. There is a lot of misinformation and people are panicking.

BUT – we have a choice.

We can join the hysteria or we can knuckle down and get on with what we need to do. But, with a change of plan if it is time to make a new plan.

How can you adjust your business to cope with the current economic situation and to fit within the new restrictions?

What can you do to future-proof your business from these types of epidemics going forward?

What are you going to do today?

Our weekend plans got cancelled. Instead I am planning out my next steps for my own businesses. Then I’m actually doing some work that I need to do for myself. I’m really good at doing work for my clients over doing my own work!

By the end of this weekend, I am hoping to have set up subscription payments for the hosting I offer my website build customers. This will allow them to pay their hosting on a monthly auto-debit or yearly auto-debit. This involves me setting up a new payment gateway. Then I need to set it up in my woo-commerce store.

We might have a family movie afternoon with popcorn. That is if Miss 9 stops procrastinating and actually finishes cleaning her bedroom she trashed whilst looking for the lost library book! (Which surprisingly, she did actually find.)

Change happens. We just need to accept it and make the changes that need to be made… and keep on keeping on!

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