Have You Set Your Goals?

Have you set your goals?

Have You Set Your Goals?

Confession time!

I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. You know the type of lost where you wander around your house trying to work out what to do. Or when you have a big pile of housework to do and you can’t work out where to start first? I’ve been feeling this type of lost. I have lots to do (in my mind) but not sure where to start, or how to get it done.

A friend of mine tagged me in another friend’s Facebook live this morning. It was like she was talking directly to me!! If she was talking directly to me, I wonder how many other small biz owners she was talking directly to?

– I don’t have a clear strategy / goals for my business –

I know what I want. I know where I want to go. I know what I want to do… but I forgot to actually set my goals!! Which is super silly, as that is one of the things that I teach in my foundations workshops – setting goals and planning to succeed.

So, today, I will take the time to sit down and set some goals. Once I’m done I will show you what I do to set goals and then how I break those goals down to make sure I reach them.

Do you think this will be helpful for you?

Tell me: Are you also feeling a bit lost, have you also forgotten to set some goals? Do you need to do this with me today? You can join the conversation (and see the video) on our Facebook page here.

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