Digital Solutions – Workshop 3: Customer Journey

Workshop: Customer Journey with Little Biz for Digital Solutions Program

The customer journey is critical in your website development as it maps the path users take from initial discovery to final conversion. Understanding this journey will enable you to align your website design, content, and functionalities precisely with the users’ needs at each stage, enhancing engagement, user experience, and ultimately driving conversions.

This workshop will equip you with the essential strategies to create customer-centric websites that guide users through every stage of the buying cycle. We will cover:

  • The stages of the customer journey and their impact on website design and functionality;
  • Identifying the opportunities to enhance user experience and engagement at each stage;
  • Implementing strategies to measure website performance using tools such as Google Analytics; and
  • Leveraging data-driven insights to make informed decisions for website optimisation and improvement.

By the end of this workshop, you will understand the intricacies of aligning website design and functionality with the customer journey.

If you attended our previous workshops on Website Planning and Website Design, this workshop will round out the trio to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about your website, apply actionable insights, and the confidence to create a successful online presence for your business.

This workshop is presented as part of the Digital Solutions Program.

Workshop Date:
28 May 2024
Workshop Start Time:
9:30 am
Workshop Duration:
2 Hours
Workshop Location:
Online (Zoom)
About the Presenter:
As the catalyst for transformation and the spark behind the Little Biz and Outdoor Beanbags success stories, Melissa will empower small business owners with the skills needed to plan, design, and optimise a successful website for their business. Melissa has been deeply immersed in small business space since 2009, leaving her mark in various businesses & ventures. From her role in family businesses, to her own endeavours with her husband, Melissa’s entrepreneurial drive is unstoppable. With a trailblazing spirit, Melissa embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2012, building her first online business from the ground up. Now, as a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Melissa embraces every challenge as an opportunity to grow, learn, and conquer new frontiers. Her resilience and unwavering determination shine through her captivating talks, inspiring audiences with real-life experiences and empowering insights.
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