We always love hearing what others are saying about our workshops. Here is just a few statements that some of our little biz owners have said about our Foundations Workshops.

I started my business 8 months ago, recently I have felt stagnant in growing. Today I learnt and worked on key points I have missed in the start of planning my business. Without these skills, my ‘reason for where I am’, I wouldn’t be able to grow. Thank you.

I loved it. After each workshop I was clearer about specific aspects of my business. The content can be adapted to any business or multiple businesses.

The most helpful to my business was getting to know my vision and purpose for the business. I also enjoyed the coffee, treats and talking to other business owners.

I started the company in Jan [2018] and have never thought of these things.

Well presented, good knowledge, very helpful. Walk away with concrete steps to apply.

This clarified who I was, just helped me to be thinking and planning strategically – more achievable and not drowning.

I enjoyed the group setting with everyone contributing ideas for each other.

I think it was relevant to any one who is starting a business.

I like that we fill out the work now as I probably wouldn’t set the time aside otherwise.

It was great. Interactive, enough time to ask questions, great entry level small biz course.

Made the mind think a bit. Very Good!


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