Are You Planning to Grow?

Are You Planning to Grow?

Are you planning to grow? We all know that famous quote: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I have noticed that when I am intentional about growing and planning to grow, the magic happens – you know, the magic of things actually happening and getting done!

Here are a few tips for planning to grow:

1. Get Moving. Any step that causes you to move forward in your biz, is a plan to grow.

2. Master an advertising platform. Commit to learn or master a facet of advertising for your business. Consider facebook, insta, linkedin, GoogleMyBusiness, live videos, stories, reels, or youtube. Learn one and master it before moving on to the next platform.

3. Use content across different platforms. Set some time aside to create content, and then use that one piece of content across video, images, fb posts, insta posts, linkedin content, etc. Using the same content and creating different types of content posted at different times of the day will reach different customers/followers.

4. Keep an eye on your insights. Did you know that you can check your facebook insights to see your engagement, reach, and reactions? You can check what time of day and what type of content your followers engage with best, then plan to make more of that content!

5. Do market research. Find out what your potential clients need/want from your business – ask them! Then you can tailor the content to those who are engaging with you.

6. Be consistent. If you can only commit to 3 times a week to post and engage, commit to those 3 times a week. Don’t binge post over two days then leave your followers hanging for the next 3 weeks with no content. Consistent posting helps your customers stay engaged with your biz.

So… are you planning to grow? We have been having a conversation about this on our Facebook Page, why not head over and join the conversation on our Facebook Page if you would like to let us know how you are planning to grow.

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