Asking for Customer Reviews or Testimonials

Did you know that many customers are looking for proof of a good product or service by checking your reviews or testimonials? This means that asking your customers or clients for their testimonials is an extremely important part of doing business.

If you are not asking your customers for their testimonials and feedback, you may be missing out on many customers who will choose another business or brand based on their testimonials or reviews. Social reviews are now a huge part of the decision making process for customers when they are comparing products or businesses to purchase from.

Why are we not asking customers for reviews or testimonials then?

Did you know, that most small business owners struggle with doubts and they wonder if their customers are happy or satisfied with the service or products they received from them. BUT most are too afraid to ask their customers for their feedback… just in case it is negative.

I love receiving good feedback, but I also know that I need to receive real and honest feedback. If I have not delivered what my customer was expecting, then I want to know about it – because that gives me an opportunity to change what I am doing, or to fix what has gone wrong. And if we don’t ask… then we will never know if something has gone wrong unless the customer has the confidence to approach us to let us know.

What if the customer review is negative?

I am one of those customers who will look for negative reviews – but not for the reason you think!

I always look to see how the business / seller / provider has responded to that negative feedback. Have they reacted badly, have they tried to smear the name or reputation of the one who gave negative feedback or have they completely ignored it and not attempted to address it? All these options will make me question whether I want to purchase or use the services of this person / company.

– OR –

Have they responded with kindness and grace, trying to understand where they are coming from and tried to rectify the situation? This shows maturity and true customer service. The business or person who can do this is someone I would want to work with (provided there are not too many bad reviews of course).

Our response shows our character

Our reaction or response is always an indication of our own insecurities. It is easy to accept good feedback when customers are singing our praises, but it can also be easy to accept negative feedback when we choose to remove our own emotions from the problem. Look at what the customer is saying, read into how they are feeling and respond to that, with a humble response. And if they are wrong, show them your terms and conditions, or where they may have misread the delivery time frames, etc, but always with kindness and not with pride.

Wouldn’t you rather build your little biz on a good foundation of happy customers, and customers who have always been shown grace and kindness, no matter what they have to say?

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