Thanks For Visiting From Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs

Hello Lovely Woman of God! It is great to see you here 🙂

You’ll find a brief description of my businesses here, please feel free to visit the websites & socials
and pop a message through to let me know what brings you here and how we can connect. 

Outdoor Beanbags

I created Outdoor Beanbags in 2012 as my missions focused business, supplying ethically sourced bean bags to the Australian market, with 50% of profits going back to missions works.

Growing Local Small Businesses

Little Biz

In 2018, God opened the door for me to start up Little Biz, which supports micro businesses with the basics of getting the business up and running. We also offer WordPress websites & support for these microbusinesses.


Mellymoo is my creative outlet, started in 2020, where you can find our leggings and other products designed to encourage and empower women to be all they were created to be.

Dave and I managed a little sightseeing on our Kalgoorlie Work Trip in March 2021.

A little more about me…

My name is Melissa, and I really am an ideas person (and often introduce myself as a serial entrepreneur). I have a great friend who is my sounding board for most of my ideas… and is my biggest supporter. If an idea doesn’t get past Kelly and all her strategic questions, then it doesn’t get very far! Fun Fact: Kelly owns more of my Mellymoo Leggings than I do!!

My driving force has always been to make a difference in the world around me. Feeding the hungry, protecting the vulnerable and inspiring and encouraging people to be all they can be, and to be the person they were created to be. 

One of my biggest passions is to help small business owners / micro businesses to succeed. I build my first business from the ground up, and I love sharing my journey as well as my learnings. I love being creative and nowadays it is displayed in the websites I build and through Mellymoo.

I am a wife to Dave, and we are the parents of two gorgeous, strong willed girls. I also work part-time in the family business where I do admin work, high level bookkeeping and I am one of the trainers who attend stores to take them through our training presentation.

I love cooking and baking, I am passionate about my thermomix and all the goodies I can make for my family and friends. We love entertaining and you will often find me hanging out in our little sanctuary with our animals, in front of the fire, in my hammock, or in bed binge watching my latest TV show addiction!

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